RII objectives:

  • affiliation of the University to an integrated information system regarding the scientific research strategies and the national and international competitions launched to obtain the projects
  • informing and disseminating of information and the best practices in project management (research, funding, technology transfer, national and European grants, including Horison 2020, COST and Erasmus+ programs)
  • ensuring the organization and implementation of fundamental and applicative scientific research, correlating the research carried out by provisional researchteams, departments and the RII (directly and indirectly funded research), as well as monitoring the scientific research within the MSU
  • promoting scientific research to increase the visibility of the recorded results
  • periodic evaluation of the university research in order to identify the potential for scientific research, the priority directions, as well as for the reassessment of strategic policies
  • supporting the training of the scientific and scientific-didactic staffs of high qualification through the doctoral and postdoctoralstudies and mobilities
  • ensuring compliance with the University Code of Ethics
  • promoting the Staff Policy Strategy at MSU, the human resources strategy for researchers incorporating the European Charter of Researchers and theCode of Conduct for recruiting of researchers at MSU.